Affiliated Gyms

Only AMAS certified gyms with AMAS certified trainers are recognised to be able to teach, conduct, compete and participate in Muaythai courses, trainings, competition and events. Any gyms or trainers not expressly listed herein are not recognised by AMAS. Please email for more enquiries and please refer to our list of certified trainers ( for more information. Affiliated gyms and certified trainers’ statuses may be amended from time to time and the same will be effected on our website.

Affiliated Gyms

  1. Art Of Fitness
  2. Bia Muay Thai
  3. Bushido Fight Academy
  4. BXG Boxing & Fitness (National Training Centre) 
  5. Chowraiooi Muaythai (National Training Centre) 
  6. Combat-REV
  7. Evolve MMA
  8. Fight G MMA
  9. Fight Pro Motion
  10. Fight Xpress
  11. Hilltop Muaythai Academy
  12. Impact MMA
  13. KBP Muaythai
  14. Muay Art Fitness
  15. Muse Fitness Club
  16. Naksu Muaythai Gym
  17. Onyx MMA
  18. SG Muaythai
  19. Spirit Gym
  20. Strike Combat
  21. The Jungle
  22. The Muaythai Workshop
  23. United Muaythai
  24. Van Lee Fitness
  25. UFC Gym Singapore (NTC)
  26. Anytime Fitness (Team SG SNC Center Choa Chu Kang Branch)

Associate Members: 
1. Nanyang Polytechnic (NP)
2. Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
3. National University of Singapore (NUS) 
4. Singapore Management University (SMU) 
5. Singapore Polytechnic (SP)
6. Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

Not a member with AMAS yet?

For gyms that have yet to register as a member with AMAS but would like to do so, please download and fill the form below and send it to the Secretary General at